Thursday, January 15, 2009

Interview Questions - Part 7

Interview Question

66. What are the types of Serialization?
a ) 4 types
1. XML Serialization
2. Binary Serialization
3. SOAP Serialization
4. Custom Serialization

67. What is xml serialization?
a. ) Xml serialization can convert only the public properties and fields of an object in to an xml stream that confirms to a specific xml schema defination language document. Xml serialization is also known as shallow serialization. Xml serialization is used when you nedd the data in the object to stored in xml format. Xml stream can be processed by any application as needed regardless of platform.

68. What are the 2 methods of xmlserializer class?
a ) 1. serialize
2. deserialize

69. What is binary serialization?
a ) This is used to convert both public and private properties and fields of an object. This serialization is useful when data needs to travel electronically over wire. Disadvantage of this serialization is it is not easily portable to another platform.

70. What is SOAP Serialization?
a ) Similar to binary serialization this also convert the public and private properties and fields of an object in to a stream of bytes. This serialization is useful when you need interoperability.

71. what is satellite assembly?
a) An assembly which contains language specific resouces means culture information is known as satellite assembly.

72. what are the parts of version number of an assembly?
a) They are major, minor, revision, build.

73. what are the commands used to insert and remove assemblies in/from global assembly cache?
a) gacutil -I assemblyname /to insert
gacutil -u assemblyname /to uninstall

74. In which suituations we use gacutil tool?
a) We use it in development scenarios.

75. what is side-by-side execution?
a) This provides a way to keep multiple versions of an application on the same machine at the same time.

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