Thursday, January 15, 2009

Interview Questions - Part 6

Interview Questions

56. How can we customise columns in datagrid?
a ) Using the Template column.

57. What is the character/size limit in query string?
a ) Some browsers impose a 2083 character limit on the length of the URL.

58. How do you separate business logic while creating on application?
a ) By using code behind model

59. How many classes can a single .net dll contain?
a ) It can contain unlimitesd classes.

60. What is the maximum length of varchar and nchar datatypes?
a ) Varchar - max of 8000 characters
Nchar - max of 4000 characters

61. What is Portable Executable?
a ) It is a file format defining the structure that all executable files and dynamic link libraries must use to allow them to be loaded and executed by windows.

62. What is the use of Application Domain?
a ) This provides a way to isolate an application from other applications.

63. In which folder we store Local Resouce files?
a ) They are specific to a single page. They are stored in App_LocalResorces

64. What is serialization? What are its advantages?
a ) It provides a way to save the state of an object by converting it into a stream of bytes.
1. It provides a way to transportation of an object through a network
2. It provides a way to re create the same object by saving the its state.

65. What are the disadvantages of serialization?
a )
1. It requires more resources (to convert an object into a stream of bytes)
2. Serialization is a slow process.
3. It involves latency issues for transmitting the data over network.

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