Thursday, January 15, 2009

Interview Questions - Part 2

Interview Questions
16. What is Global.asasx file?
a. This file contains application and session level events. It is an optional file. It is placed in the
root directory of the application.

17. what is the difference between inline and code behind models?
a. In inline model server code is written along with the html code.
in code behind model server side code is written in separate file having .aspx extension.

18. How many types of validation controls are there in
there are 6 types of validation controls are there.
Used to ensure that there is an entry for a specified field.
2. CompareValidator:
Used to check users entry with a constant value or value of another control
3. RangeValidator:
Used to check whether users value is with in the specified range or not.
4. RegularExpressionValidator:
Used to check users entry against a pattern specified by regular expression.
5. CustomValidator:
Enables a user to specify his/her validation logic
6. ValidationSummary:
Used to display all the error messages at one place in a web page.

19. which directive do we use to add a custom or user control to a web page?
a. We use @Register control.

20. What is the extension and namespace for user controls?
a. User controls have .ascx extension and namespace is System.Web.UI.Usercontrol

21. What are master pages?
a. Master pages provide a uniform layout for all pages in your application. They are used to
create same look and feel for all pages.they provide a template which can be used by any
number of pages in an application. They have .master extension.

22. Is it possible to nest master pages?
a. Yes.

23. What is a wizard control?
a. This provides a way to create a sequence of steps which can be used by the user. This
control is useful in suituations where you want to split the information in to steps.
for ex. When you are registering in to any web site we can divide the information
collection process from the user in to 3 steps, step1 for login information, step 2 for
personal inrmation and step 3 for address information.

24. what is the method used to set focus on any control?
a. We use Focus() method.

25. what is smart navigation?
a. 1. It maintains same scroll position during postbacks.
2. used to keep element focus during navigation
3. used to minimise flash during navigation
4. only the most recent web page state is retained in the browsers history folder.

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